Sunday, April 1st -- Easter Sunday 

   Pastor Mark Rambo preaching 

      Mark 16:1-8

      One Step Ahead" 

The culmination of our Lenten journey with Jesus brings us to an empty tomb...  

Sunday,  April 22nd 

    ​Pastor  Mark Rambo  preaching 

         I John 3:16-24

        ​"Litmus Test"

The church has a sorry history of applying litmus tests to judge someone's spirituality and/or spiritual maturity.  

Sunday,  April 29th 

    ​Pastor  Mark Rambo  preaching 

         I John 4:7-21

        ​"Divine DNA"

We know God from written revelation and/or natural revelation, but we truly enter into the knowledge of God when we love others.  This is the true test of divine DNA in our lives.  



Sunday, April 8th  Communion

   Pastor Mark Rambo preaching 

     John 20:19-31


Do your doubts feel like moth holes to your faith, filling you with thoughts of dread and betrayal toward the Holy One... or are they air holes allowing the fresh air of the Spirit to revitalize you on your faith journey? 

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Olympia First Baptist Church

Sunday, April 15th

    ​Pastor Mark Rambo preaching 

        Luke 24:36b-48

    ​    "You've Lost that Loving Feeling"

When do we feel disconnected from the Love source of God, Jesus Christ, the most?  Our gospel story helps us deal with our fears, inadequacies and other stumbling blocks of doubt. 



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