Sunday, February 11

   Pastor Bob Sievers preaching 

       Nehemiah  8

      "A People Before God"

Sunday, February 18

    ​Pastor Bob Sievers preaching 

        Nehemiah 12

    ​    "The Joy of Being God's People"




 Service in the Sanctuary | Sunday at 10am

                     Location | 904 Washington St SE

 Emmaus House | Saturdays at 6:30pm

                     Location | 216 East 10th

  Phone: 360-357-3881 | Email:

 Mailing Address: PO BOX 533, Olympia, WA 98507

Olympia First Baptist Church



If you would like a recording of one or more of these Worship Services, please contact

our Church Office at 360-357-3881


Sunday,  February 25  

    ​Pastor  Bob Sievers preaching 

        ​"Reflections on Ministry"

This will be Pastor Bob's last Sunday at First Baptist Church.  

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Sunday, February 4  Communion

   Pastor Bob Sievers preaching 

       Nehemiah 4

       "It is Never That Simple"